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Thylacine Sightings

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Examining The Evidence For The Tasmanian Tiger
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Miscellaneous articles

Critical analyses

Date Name Type Location Notes
tracks.jpg 2009 Rehberg and Nelson? footprint Tasmania featured on Monster Quest
films.jpg 2007 Nagorcka film footage Victoria
photos.jpg 2006 Chaotika photo Tasmania
photos.jpg 2005 Emmerichs photos Tasmania Klaus, Birgit Jansen
photos.jpg pre-2005 White photos Unknown
tracks.jpg 200? WA Footprint Cast footprint cast Western Australia Anonymous observer
tracks.jpg 2000s Baw Baws footprint photo Victoria
sightings.jpg 1997 Irian Jaya sightings Indonesia
films.jpg 1995 Charleville Lion footage Queensland aka "Queensland Lion", may be thylacoleo
films.jpg 1990s Gonzales-Sitges film footage Western Australia
photos.jpg 1985 Cameron photos Western Australia Kevin
films.jpg 1973 Doyle film footage South Australia Liz, Gary
specimens.jpg 1966 Thylacine Hole? mummy specimen Western Australia Mundrabilla Station
tracks.jpg 1950s Guiler? scats Tasmania DNA analysis
specimens.jpg 19?? Kimberly? bone specimen Western Australia humerus
sightings.jpg 1946 Preston painting mainland Australia

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