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Thylacine Sightings

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Examining The Evidence For Mainland Eastern Quolls
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Critical Analyses

Date Name Type Location Notes
specimens.jpg 2005 Little River Specimens x2 Victoria
specimens.jpg 2008 Little River Specimens x2 Victoria

Mainland Evidence Summary

Date Name Type Location Notes
specimens.jpg 2008 Specimens x2 Little River, Vic 2x roadkill
sightings.jpg 2006 Palmer Sighting x2 East Kurrajong, NSW Observed on road
sightings.jpg 2006 Sighting North of Sydney, NSW Observed on road by wildlife worker and friend
specimens.jpg 2005 Specimens x2 Little River, Vic 1x roadkill and 1x drowning
sightings.jpg 2000/1 Sighting Near East Kurrajong, NSW Trapped in chook pen
sightings.jpg 1996 Sighting Northern NSW Sighted by biologists
sightings.jpg pre-1991 Sighting Carrai, NSW Observed from car, by CSIRO
sightings.jpg 199?/20?? Sighting Blue Mountains, NSW Observed by vet, running through yard
sightings.jpg 1986 Sighting Nowra, NSW
specimens.jpg ~1985 Trapping Mudgee, NSW
specimens.jpg ~1980 Trapping Casino, NSW Allegedly trapped and photographed
specimens.jpg 1963 Specimen Sydney, NSW Last confirmed mainland specimen; roadkill

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